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About Us

Sights & Splendors Travel Design is an independently owned Travel Consultancy and we believe there is a unique travel plan out there for every budget and every kind of traveler. We work with you and create a completely custom itineray especially designed for you with your likes & dislikes in mind.


Get to know me


I have always felt the urge to embrace adventure whenever the opportunity presented itself. I have had the opportunity to call multiple cities and countries home over the course of my life, and travel to countless more. From moving to the US from Pakistan at the age of 18, to living in France for two years and learning French (and somewhat succeeding), to traveling to over 50 countries, it has been one heck of a ride so far. 

It's obvious that I love traveling, but over the years I have realized that I love planning epic itineraries even more. It gives me so much joy when I am able to design trips of a lifetime for people and help them achieve their travel goals. I believe in always pushing yourself a little further beyond your travel comfort zone - thinking outside your usual travel box! People always wonder how I am able to travel as much as I do, and it's simply bacause I've mastered the art of making every travel dollar go as far as it can. I take out the stress of the whole trip planning process (which I personally enjoy as much as the actual travel) so all people have to worry about is creating unforgettable memories. 

Sights & Splendors is the perfect blend of my business expertise and my passion for travel. I have an undergrad in Business Management from Arizona State University, and I am based out of Houston, TX where I reside with my husband and two boys, who have learned to love travel just as much as I do :)

Our Mantra


I take pride in my work and expend numerous hours, and all my heart into my travel designs. I invest a lot of time in traveling and getting first hand knowledge on destinations and properties so I can provide the best advice possible.

Client Focus

To me it is all about the clients; getting to know their likes and dislikes, and designing a trip that  is perfect for them. Simply put, I would not suggest anything for my clients that I would not choose for myself.

Whether you’re looking to plan your next solo adventure, a surprise escape for two or a group getaway, we can make your travel dreams come true.

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