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Why Us?

Arctic Landscape

We make it happen

Whether you’re looking to plan your next solo adventure, a surprise escape for two or a family getaway, we can make your travel dream a reality. No place is too far, and no trip too difficult!

We save you time & money

A custom trip where everything is laid out for you from the start to the finish can take anywhere from 25 to 40+ hours of research and planning. We dig through heaps of hashtags and read countless reviews and blogs to make sure you save when you can and splurge where you should to get the best value out of your trip. Time is money!

Rice Fields

We have been there done that

We are experienced travelers and we make sure we put that to good use so you can have the best experience on your trip. There is a certain amount of travel knowledge that just cannot be searched online and only comes with "having been there done that!" We make sure you never miss a must-do or a must see because there is nothing worse than missing out on an experience while traveling because of ill planning or just not knowing about it.

We care

Over the years I've realized I enjoy traveling, but I enjoy planning travel just as much. There is something to be said about helping people achieve their travel goals and making travel dreams come  true. When you do something you love, and you are helping people while doing it, it is a win win in our opinion.

Tropical Island
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